July 31, 2023 — HOWTIAN recently interviewed with the editors of FoodNavigator and ConfectioneryNews for their new “Sugar Reduction Special” series. The cross-outlet story from the sister publications is titled “Hail Stevia! The natural sweetener could be the perfect solution to ‘Sugarflation’ as well as a healthier option.” The article goes in depth on how stevia, at a time when global sugar prices are rapidly on the rise, is becoming a cost-effective solution for food & beverage manufacturers, in addition to its natural sugar reduction benefits.

The editors spoke with Technical Director Hank Wang about HOWTIAN’s recent announcement of a significant price-reduction for its popular SoPure™ Stevia Reb A 97.

“Prices for Reb A have come down this year. Higher sugar prices along with lower stevia prices is a great enticement for CPG’s to partially replace sugar with Reb A. For example in many beverages, it is fairly easy to replace about 50% of sugar with Reb A and save a significant amount of the sugar spend without affecting quality.”

Wang’s formulation expertise on stevia and other natural sweeteners for confectionery applications is also featured throughout the article.

With soaring sugar costs remaining top of mind for many in the industry, the article was sure to gain interest and quickly made its way to the “front page” of both publications’ digital platforms. This included the lead homepage story for ConfectioneryNews in addition to topping the ranks of the “Most Popular” stories for FoodNavigator.

To read the full story at ConfectioneryNews, visit here. Or to see the article at FoodNavigator, click here.