Baicalin Extract

Baicalin or Scutellaria Baicalensis is a popular health ingredient that is extracted from the root of scutellaria, an East Asian flowering plant. The baicalin extract is best known for its use in traditional Chinese medicine, and can be found in a range of patented formulations across China. HOWTIAN’s baicalin is recognized for its exceptional purity and stability.

Applications and Functionality

Baicalin extract is a first-choice ingredient for traditional Chinese medicine and health products that are developed for decreasing inflammation and lowering blood pressure. It is mainly used in Puqin, Yinzhi Huang, Yinhuang, and a series of traditional Chinese medicines.

Baicalin is also a sought-after functional raw material for cosmetics in the beauty industry.

Baicalin extract is used for livestock medicine and feed, and in the treatment of diarrhea, enteritis, mastitis, and other diseases of livestock and poultry. It also has an auxiliary effect in embryo implantation of livestock.

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