Sustainable Agriculture

We employ fair trade with farming communities based on our Favorable Contract Farming model, which improves the welfare of our farmers while promoting sustainable farming and environmental stewardship.

Our Favorable Contract Farming program is a long term partnership which ensures the longevity, consistency and social equity of our farmers.

HOWTIAN is committed to continuing to improve the welfare for the stevia farmers community.

Our agricultural science center researches and develops new stevia plant variants with higher yield, more functional components, and greater health benefits

We offer the latest, high-yielding seedling variants to our farmers, supported with leading edge agronomy research.

We operate a strict transparency system in which every lot of stevia extracted can be traced back to the farming community where it was grown.

Sustainable Production

Zero Waste

Zero waste is our driving principle. We believe that everything from nature is valuable and we are committed to agricultural methods that equitably support livelihoods while preserving natural resources.

Optimal Usage

We make full use of the plant by utilizing all its byproduct and slag. The slag is recycled into organic fertilizer which we use to naturally enrich the soil of our farmland.

Care for the planet for future generations

Our innovative, natural extraction process is gentle for the environment.

Our water consumption is significantly lower than that of conventional stevia production processes.

Our carbon emission levels are significantly lower, as we utilize only room temperature water during extraction to minimize energy and environmental costs of heated water.

To continuously optimize our sustainable agriculture process, we routinely monitor and analyze environmental impact data from across our entire manufacturing chain, and work to identify optimization opportunities in our operations wherever possible.

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