Ingredient Solutions


Applications & Formulation

Our Technical & Application Groups are available to provide customized formulation guidance for customers. These teams provide optimal formula solutions with value, quality, and development time in mind. Pre-mixing & blending service is available, including co-processed mixed sweeteners.


Sensory Assessment

We have a trained sensory team available to readily support development.


Functional Solutions

If you are looking to bolster the health benefits of your products, we have several functional ingredients and additives for a variety of applications. We can provide you with support to formulate different functional products, such as low-calorie sweeteners, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, nutrient supplements, anti-aging products, and many more.


Regulatory Guidance

Our regulatory team keeps abreast of updated product approval and restriction information and news from around the world. We are able to offer guidance on what is approved in your regulatory region.



We have local and regional distributors worldwide so that you may pick up goods with lower expenses and shorter lead-time.

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